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Outfitting your business or home with the information and communication infrastructure it needs to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.


How We Help


We analyze your network and provide recommendations on the best way to set up an existing or new network. We can teach you how to use and maintain your network, or you can leave the network maintenance to us. We also offer on-site service calls, and provide data back-up and restoration services to ensure your data is always safe.


We service many dental offices throughout HRM. Not only can we provide you with the right servers, computers and other IT equipment to meet your needs, we can also support your entire network, from the server down to the individual computers in the office—including those in the OP’s. We have extensive experience working with Abeldent Dental software and Dexis Digital Imaging software, as well as many others.


We work with you to provide the most economical solution to fit your needs, whether it be a new fan or video card, or a whole new computer.We explain issues in plain English and take pride in providing an efficient and reliable service.



We will help you determine your computer and IT requirements for today and into the future. Based on your needs, we can offer you premium quality computer components and peripherals or we can build you a custom computer to your specs.

Our products include:

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Webcams
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Speakers
  • Internal parts such as CPUs, memory, hard drives, DVD drives, etc.
  • Assorted cables, such as printer, network and specialty cables
  • UPS (un-interruptible power supply)
  • Mounting solutions for computers and monitors
  • Printers – from small inkjet printers to large network laser printers

Our custom-built computers come with a 3-year warranty.



At CollTeck Computers, we strive to resolve all problems quickly and efficiently to prevent costly downtime. We are open hours that suit you and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are fully satisfied.

Our services include:

  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • Basic and advanced troubleshooting
  • Virus, spyware and malware removal
  • Advanced system cleaning
  • Computer setup and configuration
  • Network and hardware consulting
  • Off-site data back-up to Canadian-based servers
  • Remote monitoring services

Mic Mac Dental

“I was referred to CollTeck by a client when my current computer hardware and software systems supplier was sick and had to abruptly stop servicing me. Tim came in and exceeded my expectations from day one and has been competently looking after our needs since then. Tim is very flexible and prompt to deal with. He brings a well rounded high technical skill level and promptly looks after our needs. If research needs to be done, he does it. If a keyboard needs to be replaced, he does it. If an update needs to be done, he does it. We are very happy with his service.” “Tim has been able to take over our existing situation and give us the confidence to grow and improve migrating to new programs and operating systems. Nothing we throw at him has been too difficult. He tackles all situations with skill and a good disposition. The staff really like him.”

Mic Mac Dental Centre

DLT Specialty Valves

“We had problems with our network and CollTeck was able to come to our office and fix the problem in a timely manner. Whenever we have network or computer issues Tim is able to get them sorted out. We currently have three desk top computers and a server that CollTeck built for us. We have been doing business with CollTeck for over 5 years and would highly recommend them.”

DLT Specialty Valves

Aabel Fuels

“We heard about CollTeck computers via word of mouth. We were impressed by the knowledge that Tim had as a computer technician and network professional. His credentials of education and past work speak for themselves. Every time we have an issue I call and within hours, sometimes minutes, Tim has taken over the “issue” computer remotely and has fixed the issue. Tim’s dedication to his clients is second to none, as he has even stayed until 1 AM to complete an install/Emergency service call as he knew we had to be up and running the next day. I wouldn’t recommend any other network specialist now that I have met Tim.”

Aabel Fuels

Granville Dental

“We have been using CollTeck Computers for several years now for our dental office. He always answers his phone when we call, day or night. He is always prompt to respond, usually able to remotely fix our issue on the spot, or come in office in no more than a few hours if that is necessary. His work is absolutely superior to many of the other IT companies I have dealt with, both personally or professionally, everything always being done right the first time. He is also very personable, with a (there is never a dumb question) attitude.”

Granville Dental

“I was using another computer company, and when he was on vacation he recommended CollTeck Computers. The owner (Tim) is very knowledgeable about networking. He set me up to work remotely from home so that I could connect to the office were I work. If I encounter any problems connecting Tim can usually fix the problem from his office remotely.”

SMT Bookkeeping Services

“We are an accounting practice and work with computers all day long and when something goes wrong, we need it to be fixed quickly. We were in the market for a new computer support company, as our existing company, although very good, did not respond quickly enough to meet our needs. We were referred to CollTeck Computers by another computer firm, a client of ours, who does not handle networks. Since we engaged CollTeck Computers, we have been totally satisfied with the response time and quality of work. In early 2015, we put a totally new computer system in place, new computers, monitors, server, scanner and backup system. CollTeck Computers looked after the whole process from purchasing the equipment to installation. We would certainly recommend CollTeck Computers to others.”

Prescott & Associates


CollTeck Computers is a locally owned and operated computer company, servicing small business, dental offices and residential customers in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and beyond. From custom-built systems to off-the-shelf products, we take pride in the services and products we provide. Our number one goal is to ensure you are satisfied with our work and confident in our products and abilities.

Lead Technician

Tim Collings, our lead technician, graduated with honours in computer applications and network and communication technology from CompuCollege School of Business in 1997, and has 19 years experience working with personal and business computers and networks.